The Piano

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For a selection of our already handmade Crystal Pianos see our: Gallery (real photographs no rendered designs! )
Pictures of our producing process
Our handmade Pianos
Premium piano components and a full (German/Italian) acrylic structure including beams, key-table and body, give the Crystal Grand Piano a pure, spellbinding sparkling sound and makes this instrument less sensitive to temperature fluctuations and moisture, thus ensuring a stable tuning.
Our Crystal grands come in two construction designs:
Premium edition: we build the inner and outer rim of the body in one piece milled (German/Italian) acrylic.
Next generation: a Crystal Grand build of very special acrylic from: Acrylic Couture ( Crystal Grand Pianos features; multiple colors and exclusive inlay variations of the body. Countless painting possibilities of the frame, soundboard, the rim and main lid. In addition these custom-made instruments can also be personalized for instance with 14/18 carat gold plated parts, diamonds or top grade gemstones.
Each and every Crystal Grand Piano is an original handmade work of art, personalized and unique in the world, designed for the exclusive and glamorous environment where it will be located. Authenticity and originality are guaranteed for each of our Crystal Grand Pianos.
The standard sizes of this CMC fully transparent Grand Piano:
  • Model: Benjamin (approximately 150 cm)
  • Model: Boris (approximately 165 cm)
  • Model: Cécile (approximately 180 cm)
  • Model: Angie (approximately 220cm)
Nearly all other customized sizes are available. Please contact us.
Technical Piano parts of our grands:
The strings: Röslau
The hammers: Abel
The soundboard: Strunz
The pin-block: Dehonit
The action: Renner
The acrylic: The best there is
The frame: German (full and warm sound)
30 years yellowing warranty on the acrylic (the best in the world)
5 years on the piano technical parts (when used under normal conditions)
Factory warranty on the Piano Player
Factory warranty on the LED lighting
Worldwide delivery!