CMC design bodies


Brand NEW!

August 2021, CMC presents a complete new design: Acrylic bodies for your keyboard or stage piano

  • CMC handmade, customized design and quality
  • With inlays from: Acrylic Couture is a possibility
  • Unique in the world
  • Premium acrylic: 30 years yellowing warranty
  • Different colors possible (see examples below)
  • LED is a possibility
  • Size/length: 1.50m
  • Delivery-time approximately 3-4 months
  • Worldwide delivery
  • No delivery to countries that are in conflict with the Netherlands

Some benefits of this design:

  • Your piano will not be out of tune 
  • You’ll never need a piano-tuner anymore 
  • No damage of piano technical parts 
  • No broken strings possible
  • You can use your own keyboard or stage piano

Delivery of supplying accessories

  • We can also deliver a high quality instrument
  • We can also deliver a set of design loudspeakers

Attention: these design pianos are not lightweight and therefore are not easily transportable all the time!

For more information, please contact us!

Please click on a picture below when you want to see a clear and bigger picture! 


King blue

Love red

Smoky black